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Porbandar, facing directly the roaring shore of Arabian Sea, located between the worlds famous "DWARKA" and "SOMANATH" one of the twelve popular mythological ancient Indian histories, the town planning of the city is so perfectly planned that today it is an attraction to the modern town planner worldwide. Amongst many other importance, Porbandar is an ascetic land of saint UDAMA, the bosom friend of lord "KRISHNA” and birth place of Mahatma Gandhi , the father of nation who taught a lesson of non-violence to the present day world. Porbandar is having its importance not only from mythological point of view but it is an attraction to thousands of local and foreign tourists who pay visit to this holy city daily.

Shravan Sud Poonam or Nariyeli Purnima is believed to be the foundation day of this holy city. As pr the mythological reference in Sudama Charitra of Skand Puran of Shrimad Bhagvad, the present Porbandar city was names after Goddess Porav, and was located along the river banks of Asmavati. The Jethwa dynasty of Rajput clian ruled over this land, who was lover of art and under their royal patronage this city was beautified by constructing wide roads foot paths, symmetrical buildings along the roadsides, having right angular squares, fountains, gardens, public places, temple and so on. The uniqueness of Porbandar city is that it is constructed of special type of white soft stone carves artistically and that is why this is popularly known as "WHITE CITY" also.

Porbandar is closely linked with Junagadh in the south-west and with Jamnagar in the north. Porbandar has an all weather port, has direct business relation with indigenous and foreign port. Porbadnar is well linked on broad-gauge to many important cities like nation capital Delhi and financial capital Bombay. Porbandar since old days is facilitated by an air port having daily flight to Bombay.

Porbandar has various local sites seeing spots of varieties like tourism, pilgrimage, Barda Sanctuary world famous Blue beach of Madhavpur, Educational centers like Aryakanya Gurukul and Sandipani Ashram to recall our memory to Takshashila and Nalanda school of Vedic Culture. Over all it is pertinent to call Porbandar a place of great import Mythological, Culturally, Historically, Religiously, Socially and on many other contests like Industrial, tourism and education point of view.

It will not be out of place to draw attention towards an old popular saying that Porbandar is bitterly known for RANA,PANA and BHANA, RANA, the rulers RANA NATWAR SINH, PANA , limestone reserves BHANA, Bhanji Lavji the famous firm for GHEE export to many countries. Furthermore to known that Porbandar has a special life style and folk culture more particularly due to Mehar (MER) community who has put the name of Porbandar on the global map due to its unique dance Maniyara RAS and sward/ Dandiya Ras which reflects the warrior / brave nature of the MER caste.

The another community who is never less than the MER in giving unique identity to Porbandar, is KHARVA, famous for fishing (Harvesting Sea and taking Sea crops) and also for fisheries and Sea Voyage.

Car Booking To Rajkot

Rajkot is the fourth largest city in the state of Gujarat and is the ninth cleanest city of India. It is famous for a large number of things. That includes being a major regional centre of Performing Arts, having its own music genre, being home to a large number of monuments and buildings and its colorful festivals.

The Jubilee Garden is a large open park in the centre of the city, and is home to a large number of monuments from the colonial times. The centre of the garden is home to the famous Connaught Hall, while a large number of famous places to visit in Rajkot lies nearby. While you are here, don't forget to miss out on the nearby Rotary Midtown Dolls Museum. It is a museum of more than 1400 dolls from around the world and is a must place to visit if you are travelling with children. Watson Museum is also a quite popular tourist hotspot and is one the oldest museums of the Saurashtra region. It boasts of a splendid collection of precious objects from the colonial times.

For the spiritually inclined, the popular ISKCON temple is also a great place to visit. It is a magnificent temple devoted to Lord Krishna, and is a popular Hindu pilgrimage. You can also visit Shri Ramakrishna Ashram for an enlightening experience. Other spiritual attractions include Gebanshah Pir Dargah, a popular Muslim pilgrimage site located quite near the railway station of Rajkot. Swaminarayan Temple situated at Bhupendra Road is also a nice place to visit. Similarly the fabled Prem Mandir of Rajkot is a Syro-Malabar Catholic cathedral dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

You can also see the Aji Dam, which is one of the most important water supplies of the city. Further it is surrounded by a beautiful garden, a zoo and a children's park. Similarly you can pay a visit to the fascinating Nyari Dam, a popular attraction for nature lovers and bird watchers.

If you are on board for an exciting shopping spree, then Rajkot is definitely the place to be. It is famous for traditional jewellery as well as traditional bandhni sarees. You can also splurge on the stunning patch work, mirror work and bead work on embroidered fabrics. No matter what do you want to purchase, you can head the famous Bangdi Bazaar that lies in the old part of the city. Shop till you drop in the vast array of jewellery, clothing and art works it offers.

In order to welcome a large number of visitors each year, Rajkot has a large number of hotels consisting of options for all budgets and requirements. If you are willing to splurge on your accommodation, then head to The Imperial Palace, Hotel Kavery, The Grand Bhagwati Seasons Hotel, Hotel The Grand Regency and Hotel KK International for a luxurious and grand stay. If you are on a budget holiday, you can take a pick from The Galaxy Hotel, Heritage Khirasara Palace, Chouki Dhani and Evershine Hotel.

So whether you are here for business or leisure, you can be assured that the excellent hotels in Rajkot will take care of all your requirements for you. So plan a visit soon to this ancient and culturally rich city for an experience of a lifetime. We are sure that the grandeur of this city will make you want to come back again soon.